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‘Your IQ Is Lower Than Your Shoe Size’ – Victoria Inyama Destroys Police PRO Dolapo Badmus (Photos)

VICTORIA Inyama has taken to her Instagram to drag Lagos Police PPRO, Dolapo Badmus, for filth.

Drama started after Sola Ogudu exposed Wizkid for being a deadbeat dad. While people applauded Ogudu for being a great mother to her son Boluwatife, Dolapo Badmus added her voice to the conversation by bashing single mothers, apparently dissing Sola Ogudu for choosing to have a child with the singer.

This stirred heated reactions on social media, and one of those who called out the police officer was former actress Victoria Inyama.

Hurt by Inyama’s call out, Badmus sneaked into the actress’ dm to insult, stirring a major fight that has now gotten everyone taking.

She wrote :

D cream rises to d top……. So does Scum
Today’s Saturday…… I got football…… lessons…Groove.
When someone is a deucedly offensive moron & a narcissistic halitosis- infested plague to humanity……. 🥂
Just for my lovelies and d tons of DMs am getting. I promise I won’t touch on this again cause replying a preposterous sybaritic rapscallion & a malodorous full/witted conglomerate of intellectual constipation is really constipating my instagram page🤦🏽‍♀️ As she’s still conspicuously blabbering causing an offence to all my beautiful Friends, fans & pals, I have stated my point & will do d needful.
Always correct an ill. There are better ways to advice than using a vulnerable young girl’s bitter experience to ridicule her. Calling someone a nuisance by an incalculable sub-literate is just sad.
Organise seminars in schools & educate d young ones on safe sex & responsibility, male/female. Educate, teach, inform, lecture, advice, impart, empower, engage them in positive child is bad but need to be guarded by good nurturing & example, I am a good role model, No perfect but attained all at d set time, And Yes marriage ended but I got greatly Blessed, Pray God blesses U too, that’s my worst abi? What else? 😂😂😂😂 marriage marriage? Man man😂😂 That’s what U are all about Thank God am not childless, you would have used that one too😂but hey u don’t need to have children to be passionate about young people… Stop being a loathsome plebeian.
Have a blessed day 😘

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