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L-R A participant, Doctor Hussein Rasak (Representative of the Commissioner for health) Comr Asoro and the Vice Chairman Ikorodu West LCDA Hon Sesan Dada at the event

Tuberculosis Survivor Laments Ordeal, Organises Awareness Symposium

While recanting his ordeal with Tuberculosis , the CEO of MADE Foundation, Comr Asoro Abubakri Olatunji said “2017 was very challenging, it is the year I had had the toughest health challenge. It never occurred to me that I was battling with the number five most deadliest disease in the world. It started with lose of weight, strength, appetite and sweating at night.

‘Then, I could hardly walk and talk for too long. At first, I thought it was malaria or fever or typhoid and it continued to get worse that people begin to think i was under a spell or infected by AIDS, even myself find it difficult to disprove their assertions because I was already contemplating death.”

He spoke at a Tuberculosis awareness program organised by MADE Foundation in conjunction with National Youth Council of Nigeria Ikorodu West LCDA branch on the 26th March 2018 at Ikorode West LCDA hall.

Speaking further, Olatunju said the awareness about TB is very low, nine out ten people that he came across have either not heard about TB or do not know how deadly it is nor did they have

In most cases, patients are placed on drug syrup whereas, it only surpresses and not cure the disease. I had similar experience and most of the narrative I got from infected victims are almost the same. I would suggest that patients be first refered for a sputum test to ascertain the type of their cough before assuming that it is ordinary cough. Victims end up spending bougous amounts on cough syrup while they die silently and in most cases, thing would have gotten worse before they are refered to a DOT centre.

The DOT staffs too needs to be more friendly in approach to patients. The disease should be fought not the diseased. Been down with Tuberculosis should not warrant discrimination, my experience at Sobi specialist hospital Ilorin is not palatable, though it was there I was diagnosed.

In his address, the representative of Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr Rasaq Hussein enunciated that TB is fifth most deadliest disease in the world killing 4500 people every day and transmitted through air. He said only dead man who doesn’t breath in or breath out oxygen is free from tuberculosis.

He further said Robert Koch, a German physician and scientist, presented his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB), on the evening of March 24, 1882 and that date has since been used to commemorate world TB day.

He further noted that TB affects the lung, he warned that when a cough persist for more than two week, such person should begin to think of TB.

Dr. Hussein advised that cough hygiene especially covering of mouth during cough is germane to the prevention of TB. He noted that there are 655 facilities throughout Lagos State.

A group photograph with representative of Commissioner for Health at the event

The Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA Hon Princess Olajumoke Ademehin Jimbo ably represented by the council Secretary, advised participants to make use of everything learnt at the symposium and relate the message back to the society.

During his welcome address, the coordinator NYCN Ikorodu West, Comr Muyideen Yusuf Olatunji said the symposium became necessary due to increasing rate of TB cases, he commended the local goverment for the support towards the actualization of the program.

The Vice Chairman of Ikorodu West Hon Sesan Dada told participant not to treat the disease with levity. He advised that any patient should be immediately refered to any DOT centre.

The event was also attended by Vice Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA Hon Sesan Dada, members of the cabinets, youth leaders, community leaders, schools and DOT staffs.

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