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Shiites Reveals Real Reasons El-Zakzaky Suddenly Left India

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, also known as Shiites has given reasons why their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky suddenly left India.

El-Zakzaky left Nigeria to India for treatment after the court granted the medical trip requested for by his Counsel, Femi Falana.

BREEZEREPORTERS reported how the Shiites accused Nigerian Government and the American agents for trying to frustrate the treatment of their leader in India.

The Shiites leader, Zakzaky made a sudden return to Nigeria ignoring his treatment on the ground that he cannot succumb to imposition of the  Nigerian security forces and the Indian agents.

In a letter signed by the Media Forum President to the movement, Ibrahom Musa, Shiites accused the Nigerian Government of interfering in the treatment rather than serving a supervisory role.

He said:“The impasse was sequel to refusal of the Sheikh to succumb to imposition of Medical treatment by the Nigerian security forces in collaboration with their Indian colleagues. “The Nigerian government’s interference and scuttling of the whole process rather than supervision as ordered by the court is the direct cause of the impasse.

“The government never wanted the medical leave in the first place, and did whatever to stop it by all means possible.

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“The Islamic Movement is completely not happy with the latest development, and we strongly believe any peace loving person in Nigeria feels the same.

“The government left no one in doubt that it never wanted the Sheikh to go for the medical treatment in the first place.

“They opposed the application in court. When the order went against them, they indicated their desire to appeal against it.

“When that wasn’t going to stop the journey, they attempted to prevent it via introduction of stringent conditions that were not put in place by the court.

“Having failed to stop using all these methods, they exploited the clear direction to “supervise” and went ahead to obstruct the medical treatment in New Delhi, India.

“Why would the Sheikh trust a government that killed thousands of his supporters including his sons, shot him and his wife and further exposed them to heavy metal poisoning?

“We pray to almighty Allah to continue to protect him from the enemies of peace, who were behind the Zaria genocide of December, 2015 and the subsequent extreme persecution and torture he is being subjected to.”


Adeshola Ikulajolu

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