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Presidency Attacks National Assembly, Obasanjo, Jonathan

Lauretta Onochie, Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, has insisted that a “cabal” has taken over the affairs of the National Assembly.

Onochie alleged that the cabal worked as if the National Assembly was “their private estate in total disregard to the welfare of those who elected them.”

She said this while recalling how Buhari nominated a Minister from a minority ethnic group in Enugu State and the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, fought against it, “screaming hard and threw a tantrum.”

The Presidential aide made the claim,in an article she titled, “This Storm Before The Calm Will Deepen Our Democracy”.

The article, she posted on her Facebook page reads partly, “In 2015, Nigerians began the process of recovering their nation from the hardened criminals who hijacked Nigeria for sixteen years. With an APC majority in the National Assembly, we had hoped for a speedy recovery and transformation of our nation, believing that we all understood the meaning of change.

“For starters, it took the better part of five months of President Buhari swimming through the mud to finally have a glimpse of what looked like a nation from where Ministers would be nominated. He was determined to begin to address the issue of marginalization in appointments. Where possible, he reached out to some of the over 200 minority ethnic groups for his ministerial nominees.

“This did not go down well with the power brokers in our nation. Senator Ike Ekweremadu screamed hard and threw a tantrum. He said he had never heard of the nominated minister from his native Enugu State. But the hitherto unknown Igbo sub group that produced the Minister of Foreign Affairs, felt a sense of belonging in a nation where the Ike Ekweremadus of this nation have continuously nominated themselves to serve, without a thought for the minority groups in their areas.

“But it has been a nightmare. A cabal had quickly developed and seized the National Assembly. This cabal worked as if the National Assembly was their private estate in total disregard to the welfare of those who elected them. They do not count.

“When Nigerians recovered their nation from the hardened criminals that hijacked our nation for sixteen years, no one thought the cabal at the National Assembly, would become the major opposition to the recovery of our nation. After all, what we promised was to bring about a change in the ways we had done things in the past that favoured only a few at the top.”

She claimed that the cabal “waged war” against Buhari over his Ministrial nominees due to their selfish, self-centred and egocentric” nature.

“All their actions have been selfish, self-centred and egocentric. They wanted the status quo to remain. Consequently, they started by waging war on the President for his choice of Ministers. They had a free hand to place their cronies as heads of House Committees. But they also wanted to appoint Ministers and others for the President. They wanted to run the Presidency, own the Presidency and dictate who should be hired or fired.

This same cabal is now posing as the defender of the ordinary Nigerians. Hian!

“Nigerians are not fooled. They know the man who is fighting to deepen our democratic experience as a nation. They also know pretenders to the throne of democracy, who have put themselves above the laws of our land and above everyone of us.

“Nigerians know those who have refused to make laws that can help the war on corruption move some steps further, sanitize our nation and propel us into the 21st century,” added.


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