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Paul Okoye Reacts To Peter’s Claims On Their Break-Up (Video)

Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group has come out to debunk claims that he was insulting Peter’s wife and Kids on social media during the feuding period of the twin brothers.

Recall Peter, in an interview on Kenyan national TV in a rather shocking revelation revealed that the death of Psqaure group was down to lack of respect towards him and his family by his brothers Paul and Jude Okoye.

Paul, who is currently on tour in Europe has denied these allegations in a radio interview and insists that he will not be giving the press people or journalist any story on that because the entire episode does not benefit anybody, the transcript of his interview is below:

“These are sensitive questions and the fact that is sensitive, there are ways you will say it and people will create news out of it, trust me people, I dont know, the way you people are lost and confused about this issue, is thes way I am seeing the issue too, but just understand this,
it is not good for me, it is not good for anybody, yes, people will tell you they have heard one side of the story and they want to hear the other side of the story, I am not giving anybody, any story, trust me, I dont know. I always say this, I did not work hard for 22 years to start destroying stuffs like that, to be honest with you, I dont know, I dont know, but my own focus is this, I still wanna give people same kind of music.”

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