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Nigeria Police Speak On Having S3x in Car

The Nigeria Police says having s3x in a car in a public place is not a crime.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Abayomi Shogunle, made this known via his Twitter page following a viral news of couples that were caught having s*ex in a car.

The couple were reportedly mobbed and humiliated by other residents who caught them in the act.

The pictures of the couple have been circulating all over the internet via the various social media platforms.

The development has since sparked a lot on social media. While some opined that since they are couples, having s3x in a car is no crime, others say it is wrong for them to get involved in such intimacy in a car.

A concerned Twitter user asked the police ACP, Abayomi Shogunle, saying ”Oga @YomiShogunle please is it a crime to have sex in your car?

Shogunle replied, ”NO. Sex in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria provided; 1. Location is not a place of worship
2. Parties are 18 yrs+, 3. The act is consensual (agreed to by parties), 4. Parties are of opposite sex.

”If threatened with an arrest over above, pls contact @PoliceNG_PCRRU, Shogunle said.

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