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Lady Raises Alarm Over Pressure Parent Puts On Her Elder Brother

A lady has taken to her twitter handle @okemzuruoke to express displeasure about how her parents are putting enormous pressure on her younger brother who is yet to gain admission into the university.

According to her, her brother is the first son of the family and as such, much is beeing expected.

She revealed how he has been labeled a failure because he repeated classes and his younger ones caught up with him.

Read full tweets:

I’m literally sick and tired of coming home every time to witness the mental torture my parents put my brother through because he’s written UTME twice and didn’t get admitted.

Can’t wait to start working and get an apartment of my own so I can move in with my young man and help him escape all this rubbish.

This was a boy that grew up with ADHD without a support system to back him up. Took him going to a boarding school to gain some balance and assert himself. Was unbelievably top of his class.

And every now and then he suffers reproof and public shaming because he never seems to be enough. He’s literally become a shadow of himself. No friends, no social life, nothing.

Imagine constantly being reminded that you’re a useless first son bc you repeated three classes and your younger sister has caught up with you. Or being compared to your peers who are ahead of you. Every. Single. Day.

I lost 16 kg in less than a year bc of this. Went from 79 to 63 kg bc I had to spend one more depressing year at home feeling like a failure bc i wasn’t admitted into uni.

Everyday I look at my brother all I see is a young man struggling so hard to get out of a sunken place. He tells me the only time he is truly happy is when I’m around. How much do you have to hate your home for you to not want to be there?

I honestly don’t know who it was that added insulting comparisons, mental/verbal abuse and degradation to the list of parenting skills. I don’t understand why you need to walk the path of torturing your own child in order to pass a message.

We’re always very quick to eulogise our parents, which isn’t a bad thing. But we should also be swift to admit when they get things entirely wrong.

A lot of us are going to reenact the bad parenting we experienced in the hands of our parents to our own kids bc we saw nothing wrong with it.

No. Sift out those traits and vow to never have them repeated with your offspring. Never.

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