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Ladies: 7 Ways To Know He Misses You So Much

When it comes to hiding feelings, most men are very good at that.
Ladies may not be that good at keeping their feelings under masks, perhaps they can’t help but show how they feel towards their partners.
A man can actually miss you so bad yet he may try to hide it and missing someone is very special especially if you know you’re being missed.

No matter how hard your partner may seem to hide the fact that he misses you so much, there are ways you can tell.

one: He texts you while he’s drunk

See here, if you’re in a long-term relationship, this might be normal. But if you’re not and it’s your first time away from each other and he texts you while drunk, he definitely misses you.
Usually, when a guy drunk texts you in general, it means you’re on their mind quite a bit. They’re taking time away from their friends and drinks to show you how much they’re thinking about you. How drunkingly sweet!
two: He’s texting you quite a lot
Now, this is probably one of the biggest signs he secretly misses you when you two aren’t together.
And this is even more obvious if he isn’t one to text all day long to begin with. But since you’re not together, he’s texting and texting like…
This is mostly because he just wants to talk to you. He wants to know what you’re up to and he wants to feel like he’s involved.
All of those can help bring him some ease and make him feel better about not being by your side.
three: He talks about random things just to keep the conversation going
This is another great way to know if that lovely man of  yours misses you so try to pay attention to what he’s talking about. If he’s just rambling on and on about stuff that’s normally pointless to both of you, he sure misses you so bad.
He’ll do this because he wants to keep the conversation going. He wants to talk to you. That’s the whole point of basically anything he does when he misses you. He wants to hear your voice to just chat and joke with you.
four: He texts you when he sees that you’ve been active online
Your partner might have been quiet all day until you get on Facebook. Once he sees you posting and liking pictures, he’ll text you if he misses you.
This is one of the top signs he secretly misses you purely because he wants to be included. He knows you’re available and wants to get in on some of the fun. So he’ll send you a text or he’ll even call you.
five: He’s active with you on social media
This is not just about liking your pictures. It’s more about liking, commenting, and sharing things to your wall. If he’s showing his affection for you on social media, he sure misses you.
This is made even more obvious if he’s sharing old pictures and reminiscing about the great times you’ve had together.
six: He suggests video chatting
If he’s making it a point to video chat with you, he totally misses you. You’ll also know this is true if he starts complimenting you and flirting right when you start the video.
seven: He’s always quick to respond
You interact with your partner all the time. You may have known how long it takes for him to answer texts and calls.
A great way to know if he misses you or not is to pay attention to his response time.
Is he responding right away or does he take forever? If he texts you back a minute or two after you send the text, he misses you.
It’s like he’s sitting by his phone waiting for you to contact him. And that’s because he wishes you were there with him.

Edith Akpan

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