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Kosofe Constituency 2: The Race Has Begun!, By Abdulwaheed Odunuga

The race has begun!
Good people of Kosofe constituency 2 and all well wishers, our intentions and pleas has just been established.

Honourable Samuel Olanrewaju Adebayo (SOA) has picked up the form that will sets the record right once and for all. Therefore it is no longer a wishful intention but an established fact that SOA is on ground for the race.

Therefore, it is high time we gathered our strengths both spiritual and physical to support the man we have always been sure of, as answers to our diverse prayers as long as good representation is involve.

Keep saying it! Don’t stop saying it!  Tell it to the novice that the man whom the cap fits is here! Echoe it to the people that good representation is here! Rouse the sleeping Democrats of Kosofe constituency 2! Tell the oppressed within the constituency to wipe away their tears, SOA is an answer to their prayers from God! Don’t stop saying it to the confused, who can no longer differentiate between governance and fraud that the truth is here! The race has indeed begun!

A new dawn!

At the end of the tunnel, certainly there is a new ray of light. It is indeed true that when lies travel for several years, the truth overtakes it in a second. Who could have thought, this could come back to us after all hopes seem lost?

We the inhabitants of Kosofe constituency 2 are very glad that at the end of it all, God is bringing the people’s choice, the hope of the needy, the epitome of good governance and the choice of us all to us once again.

We gladly received the news that Honourable Samuel Olanrewaju Adebayo (SOA) eventually picked the nomination form. We had actually thought, the stress and threatening ordeals, he had during the 2019 election would prevent him from championing the noble cause but we marvel at his courage and identify with the love he has for the masses, by his agreement and action to champion the cause of good representation. Indeed, the son of the lion will never degenerates to a mere pussy!

We sincerely appreciate his gesture and ready to give every support needed to make this opportunity a reality. We supported him once, and are ready to do that again for a man who always identify with the needs of the people comes rain or sunshine. SOA, is certainly the man who can bring the needed good representation we have been yearning for all this while. SOA tiwa ni o!

Abdulwaheed write from Agboyi Ketu LCDA.

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