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Idol Worship: South African Returnee Cries Out for Help

A South Africa returnee has narrated his pathetic experience in his hometown, Ndokwa East Local Government, Ibedeni in Delta State days after escaping from Xenophobic attack with his family.

Speaking with Breeze Reporters correspondent, Kelvin Otiteh who returned to Nigeria, narrated that he came with his South African wife because of the attack but was shocked after some family members gave him an option of either joining them to worship theirĀ idol or leave the community.

According to him, they allegedly threatened to harm his family if he refused to dance to their tune, adding that as a devoted Christian, he has vowed on countless occasions not to compromise his faith in God for anything.

Narrating his ordeal, he said: ”I came back from South Africa for the safety of their lives (my wife and children) due to so many xenophobic attacks in the country in May 2017 but got the shock of my life after my family members in my community (Ibedeni) wanted me to worship their forefather gods. It was a tough situation, myself, wife and children with nowhere to go. Even in my own community, state, country.”

Like the speed of lightning, Kelvin who could no longer sleep with his two eyes closed in the community after many deadly threats said that he ran for safety with his family, first to a hidden place for some period and later perfected his plans.

He added that despite professing Christianity, a lot of Ibedeni Villagers still thrive in fetish beliefs by worshipping idols and engaging in other unbiblical practices.

Recall that Nigerians in South Africa have been living in utter fear because they are being slaughtered every now and again, and in some cases even burnt alive without mercy.

He begged the Nigerian government to continue to ensure that its citizens in diaspora enjoy their stay and also make sure that their rights are respected by their host countries.


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