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Head Of Service’ Son, Ayobami Agboola Caught In Oyo ‘Ghost Job’ Scandal

The son of the Oyo State head of service has been caught in a job scandal following a disagreement with his friend on social media.

Ayobami Agboola, whose mother, Amidat Agboola, was appointed in 2019, was criticised on social media on Saturday after a user said he promised to use his mother’s influence to secure him a job slot in one of the state agencies.

Sulaimon Adesola said Mr Agboola promised to include his name in a list of “ghost workers” in Oyo State.

Ghost workers are simply, fictitious or non existing names inserted into list of workers by corrupt officials to receive illegal pay. It is a fairly common practice in some states and the federal service.

The allegations against Mr Agboola came up after he and his accuser disagreed online over the response of the Oyo government to the covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Agboola said his friend’s criticism against the Seyi Makinde administration was because he could not secure a “ghost job” under the government.

Mr Adesola, however, said it was Mr Agboola who promised to use his mother’s influence to secure him a slot. He posted screenshots of their chats, compelling Mr Agboola to admit.

Although Mr Agboola confessed having the conversation, he said he never assured his then friend of any slot. He said he was only ‘joking’ and that Mr Adesola’s aim was to blackmail his mother.

“I want to state categorically that I know nothing about any racketeering scheme, I only egged someone I assumed was a friend on because he was doing pro bono work and I admit I should have been clearer to him as he started pestering,” he wrote on Twitter.

Many Nigerians online criticised Mr Agboola for his conduct.

Mr Agboola’s father, Hosea Agboola, is a former Senate deputy chief whip, and was recently appointed chairman of Governor Seyi Makinde’s advisory committee.

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