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Handsome Businessman Is In Search Of Love

Breeze Hookups is back with a big, loud bang… Yass!


Y’all should get your love arrows ready for shot shootings…😍

However, we have Mister Scott here and, yes, he’s gotten his love arrow ready and handy.

May his love shot pierce through an angelic heart 💘


Now,  Mister Scott is a businessman based in Lagos. He’s in his early 30s, looking to mingle and start a real relationship.

He’s good looking, of average height, well educated and his sense of humour issa goal 😉

If you’re a single lady and ready to mingle with Scott, now is the time.

He can be reached via: +234 8067877472

May love shower its rains on us. We love getting wet, don’t we?


Hey loner, how about you? We can help match you up with your soul mate.

Send your bio and your specs to:

We do love some good love stories 😆


Edith Akpan

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