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Femi Kuti Admits To Sleeping With His Dancers

Afrobeats legend Femi Kuti has denied ever sleeping with underage women, but admitted to having sexual relations with his dancers.

The allegations came out after Femi and sister Yeni Kuti lambasted his bassist Andrew Aghedo, who absconded in the United States.

In response, an Instagram user who identified himself as Solomon Idowu retorted to their posts, claiming that the band members weren’t paid as well as Femi claimed. He also accused him of having sex with his dancers and underage girls.

Femi responded to the claims, denying that he’d ever owed anybody money.

He added: “I sleep with underage girls? He’s sick. But don’t take my word for it. He should produce one police report or case file of such case. Parents could have made noise if you say police covered it up, they could have gone public.

“We never employ underage persons, male or female. Standard.”

He continued: “I sleep/slept with my dancers, none of his business. Tonia dances for me, we’ve been together for over 10 years. We have a daughter together. No secret, none of his business.”

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