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Expert Reveals Solution To Ending Poverty In Nigeria

Dr. Jubril Salaudeen, a financial expert, has revealed solutions to ending the rising spate of poverty in Nigeria.

According to him, making functional education available to the youths, stoping bribery and corruption would end poverty in the land.

Salaudeen made the disclosure over the weekend while delivering a speech at the 9th Abdulwahid Islamic Foundation Annual Lecture and Special Prayer for the Nation with the theme, ”The Menace of Poverty:The Islamic Solution”, held in Ketu area of Lagos.

Dr. Salaudeen, the Managing Director at Secuerhands Limited and an adjunct faculty at the Lagos Business School lamented, the dearth of competent graduates from tiertiary institutions, urging government to address the problems.

“Government need focus on education, as our institutions most times churn out graduating illiterates due to the fact that education now is not functional.

“If functional education were available, poverty would have been tackle at its root, he said.

“The get-rich-syndrome is a common feature within our youths and it could lead to poverty,drug addiction also ends
up in psychological improverishment.

”Skill acquisition and focus on the agricultural sector is a leeway from poverty,government should also focus on tiertiary industry to boost our economy. Salaudeen said.

In tackling the menace of poverty, the devout Muslim urged citizens to work hard and stop bribery and corruption.

Salaudeen also urged Muslim faithfuls on the importance of giving 2.5 percent of their legitimate earnings as zakat to ensure equitable share of wealth in the society.

“Muslims don’t live in isolation,they live with other faiths,so they should help the indigents 2.5percent of their total earnings is spelt out in our holy book as zakat.

“The zakat is meant for provision for the clothing, feeding,healthcare and housing of the less privileged in the society, poverty is need specific and this vicious cycle of must be broken,” he said.

In his submission, another guuest speaking Tajjudeen Alabede decried the deception by religous leaders in the country, while calling for  change in the trend.

He noted that religioun should be a positive force for postitive change in the society.

The Grand Patron of the Abdulwahid Islamic Foundation, Sheikh Abdul-Rafi’i Muh. Awwal led that Muslim faithful in prayers for the nation.

The foundation also conducted free medical checkups for the indigents and educated women on infertility problems and solutions.

Adeyemi Olalemi

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