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Elections: Ogun State Candidates To Sign Youth Pledge

Ahead of the 2019 general election, the Youth Assembly of Nigeria Ogun State chapter has restated its commitment to ensure youths play an active and not passive role in governance in the new administrative dispensation which the 2019 general election will usher in.

Sequel to this, the assembly has unveiled its program called The Youth Pledge. The Youth Pledge is convened by Comr Asoro Abubakri Olatunji and powered by the assembly.

Rt. Hon. Bunmi Ekugba said the assembly saw the project as a lofty idea and has decided to leave no stone unturned towards its actualization.

The need for youth inclusion in governance and decision-making gave rise to the pledge. Candidates seeking political offices across the state will sign the pledge and it serves as agreement between the youths and such candidate that his/her government will to some extent be youth inclusive through appointments, policies, projects and laws.

This helps the youth to repose confidence in such candidate – executive and legislatures alike. The assembly believes that the future is now and the time to lead is now. Youth inclusion in leadership position also helps the youths to gather leadership experience, be mentored and learn. It further makes youth to become active and not passive players in the electioneering process thus taking thuggery out of the way of youths said Comr Asoro.

Comr. Asoro further noted that the project is first embraced and been test run in Ogun State. Federation of Ofada Makoluki Student Union, National Youth Council of Nigeria Ijebu North Branch and many other youth organizations across Ogun State have signaled interest as a progressive partner.

The Deputy Clerk of the assembly, Shosanya Oluwatobi Abdulrasheed enjoined candidates in Ogun State to embrace the project with open hands to show their commitment to youth development and upliftment. He hinted that the assembly clerk, Hon Atinuke Bello who is also contesting as the House of Assembly member of Ogun State will be signing the pledge by weekend.

Adeyemi Olalemi

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