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Drunk Man Dies After Mistakenly Drinking Insecticide (Photo)

A drunk man has rportedly died after mistakenly drinking an insecticide at a restaurant.

The sad incident occurred last weekend at a Chinese restaurant on Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere, Lagos.

The deceased who proceeded to hangout with friends at the restaurant after attending a wedding ceremony at Aguda, Surulere where he got drunk, drank the insecticide a staff of the restaurant had inadvertently left inside an empty bottle of water on his table.

The drunk man who ended up taking the insecticide instead of the bottle of water he ordered for, died while being rushed to hospital shortly after he opened up to his friends, that he took something thinking it was water.

The Manager of the Restaurant was arrested and detained at Bode Thomas Police Station, after the drunk man incident was reported.


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  • RIP to the guy although A capital Lesson to all Drunks. But why bring in an insecticide into a restaurant and intentionally pouring it into a water bottle and placing it on the table after a customer had ordered for a bottle of water in the first place? This act is highly and greatly questionable.