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COVID-19: Tiffany Cares Foundation Donates Food Items To Vulnerable Families In Lagos

Tiffany Cares Foundation has donated food items to to hundreds of vulnerable families in Lagos, Nigeria as part of her COVID-19 Intervention Initiative.

The palliative which contains basic food items such as Rice, Indomie, Beverages and other nutritional items were distributed to families in the Ketu-Alapere and Ojodu-Ogba areas of Lagos State.

Speaking with the Operations Manager of Tiffany Cares Foundation, Mr. Mark Obiyan, “We are trying to reach out to households that are in need in the community, not just anybody but the less privileged.

“The foundation is primarily trying to help the less privileged by way of mentorship, empowerment, provision of food and medical aids to the aged and the needy, provision of educational materials to children, etcetera.

“It’s  a surgical move that was launched to identify families and households that are desperately in need.

“No matter how much we help, there is always someone out there that needs help. We do the little we can and we keep identifying more people that needs help just like the tagline of our foundation says ‘No one is left behind, We Keep Smiles On People’s Faces’.

“So we’re working to make people smile and give them hope. Like our founder will say “I can take the cloth off my back provided it put a smile on somebody’s face”. Unfortunately she’s not here today but myself and my colleague Jeffrey are working here in her stead, Obiyan said.

“We are looking at making people smile, giving them hope. So we do the little we can by providing food items, basic amenities and we would love that other foundations out there focused on different aspect like health sector, education to consider feeding the needy, a vital area which requires a lot of focus. We would love that other foundations consider feeding the hungry.

On how the  foundation is able to generate funds to feed the needy, Mark said, “Tiffany Cares Foundation is open to donations, sponsorship and grants because this is solely being handled by our founder and all the funds has been from her pocket. At the moment we’re not working with donations but funds coming from a sole benefactor. Our books are open because we understand that transparency is key.

The Coordinator of Tiffany Cares Foundation, Mr. Jeffrey Onah who also spoke with Breezereporters said that Tiffany Cares Foundation COVID19 Intervention Package was inspired by the recent outbreak of corona virus which has paralyzed the global economy such that families can no longer feed as they previously would prior to the pandemic.

He said the program is channeled to feed the hungry amidst the lockdown. He added that people were no longer working normal hours, salaries and profits were not forthcoming, there’s price increment on all that’s available to buy in the market, transportation has torn deeply into people’s pockets, so all these summed up together has made it so difficult for people to eat.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Calistar Innocent, a petty trader expressed her gratitude to the foundation, noting that the lockdown has terribly affected her family.

In her words “The lockdown is so terrible, nothing is working, my husband is not working neither have I been able to restock. I pray God continue to touch the heart of the foundation to help the needy”, she said.

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