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Cleric Reveals Problems Affecting Muslims In Nigeria

Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Lateef Ademoye Yaa sataar at the weekend identified problems affection Muslims in Nigeria
This was revealed at the Hijrah 1441 Lecture organised by the Alumni Association of Arrif’Atu Islamiyyah of Nigeria, tagged Islam and Muslims.

Speaking at the event, Sheikh Abdul Lateef decried the decrease in number of young muslims willing to transfer knowlegde to the next generation.

He said; ”The growing number of  the Muslim youth willing to stand and keep the way of transferring knowledge to the younger ones keep deteriorating due to the lackadaisical attitude of Muslims in Nigeria”, adding that, “most promising young graduates have decided to work different path to attain a better livelihood for themselves and their immediate families.

According to the Islamic Scholar, the six (6) problems affecting the Muslim ummah in Nigeria  are Lack of Modesty, Lack of Integrity, Perseverance, Cowardice, Infidelity and Treason, Hypocrisy and Injustice.


Meanwhile, the Alumni of Arrif’Atu Islamiyyah of Nigeria condemned the attitude of youths towards learning, noting that it detest the sluggish and lazy attitudes of some of the students towards Arabic education.

The Principal and an alumnus of the school, Mr. Ridwanullah Abubakar said the enthusiasm and discipline towards Arabic education is not balanced, calling on parents to assist the teachers.

According to Abubakar, “Arabic education is not moving well as it should, parents of these pupils are not helping to put their wards in order.

“Parents of then are very much different from the parents of these days, the level of discipline instilled on the then students can never be compared to that of now.

“Ordinarily, disciplinary measures help to steer the affairs of the students but that is not the case as of now. Our parents of today have turned deaf ears to Arabic education, not minding the fear of God in their children even after western education.

“We as their Arabic teachers are doing our best but we need the parents to help these students to be better positioned. I’m personally recommending western education and apprenticeship for them but not without the all important Arabic education. He said.

Speaking to BreezeReporters, the National President of Arif’Atu Islamiyyah Alumni Association, Mr. Abdul-Afeez Abdulrahman, said the pupils are very lucky to have adequate and conducive facilities to aide their learning but appears unfortunate they are not maximizing the potentials of what they have.

As one of the first set of graduates of Arif’Atu Islamiyyah of Nigeria, Abdul-Rahman stressed how difficult it’s been for the alumni association providing necessary facilities for the school to aide better learning and teaching environment as compared to their time.

“Among us, we have teachers, engineers, chief Imams, economists and professionals from different fields who also finished from this great citadel of learning.

“Unlike during our days in this school, we never had anybody come to our aide for a better schooling environment, all we had was a narrow space with demarcations in a compound.

“Schooling in Arabic didn’t stop us from becoming who we are today and that is why we as the alumni body is trying our best to help our younger ones become better persons by providing them with necessary facilities.

“I must also state that it’s not been easy meeting up with the financial obligation for some of these developmental projects being carried out in the school. He added.

Abdul-Rahman advised students to put in their best in learning Arabic education and Islamic teachings as it will help them position well for greater opportunities.


Chief Imam and Proprietor of Arif’Atu Islamiyyah of Nigeria, highlighted differences between Islam and Muslim.

According to the cleric, Islam is the religion, Muslims are the followers of Islam.

He clarified that people should ignore those killing others and disrupting the society; “It is not written in Islam to disrupt or kill one another as such practice will negate the practice of Islam.

“if you kill another, who will practice Islam? If you tear down the streets, where will you stay to practice Islam? He concluded




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