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BREAKING: Theresa May Resigns As UK Prime Minister

Theresa May on Friday resigned as UK Prime Minister.

She announced she will resign as Conservative party leader on June 7 but stay in office until a successor is found.

Mrs May who became the UK’s second female prime minister in July 2016, after Margaret Thatcher, had been under heated pressure from lawmakers opposed to her Brexit plans.

Mrs May had been struggling to get parliamentary support for the legislation needed to implement the deal she had agreed with the EU on how the UK would leave the bloc.

Her deal was rejected three times by Parliament. Efforts to find a compromise with the opposition Labour Party also failed.

On Tuesday, Mrs May made another attempt to convince members of parliament (MPs) to support her EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill – by offering a vote on whether to hold a second referendum, if the bill was passed.

The offer was designed to attract support from Labour MPs – but enraged many Brexit-supporting Conservatives.

Members of her cabinet began openly opposing the bill, while party members called for her to resign.

On Wednesday, one of her senior ministers, Andrea Leadsom, quit the cabinet, adding to the pressure.

On 24 May, Mrs May officially announced her resignation as Conservative leader, saying: “It will always remain a matter of deep regret for me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit.”


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