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Allow Pastors To Heal Covid-19 Patients – Apostle Suleman Begs FG

Johnson Suleman, founder of Omega Fire Ministry, has called on the Nigerian government to allow pastors to heal COVID-19 patients in the country through prayers.

This comes despite World Health Organisation (WHO) warning against unscientific claims suggesting cure for the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus.

But according to Church Times, the clergyman said there was need for the government to grant permission to those with divine healing gifts to visit isolation centres and cure people battling the killer virus.

Suleman claimed such measure is needed if the country hopes to make meaningful progress in the fight against the disease.

“Please (referring to the government) permit us to go and pray for COVID-19 patients. Allow us to go there (isolation centres), that is why there are men of God,” he said.

“If you are really anointed to pray for the sick, this is the time because what is holding the world is sickness. So, we’re begging the government to permit us into isolation centres, that is the only way we can reduce this nonsense because it will improve everyday.

“There are people with the gift of healing, God has gifted them to pray for the sick. It is not fake, gimmick or arranged. It is there in them. Permit us so that we can prove there are prophets in Nigeria.”

He added that such permission from the government would also reduce the backlash many pastors have been getting on the social media about their perceived inability to do anything about the pandemic.


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