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2019: Don’t Fall For Cheap Politics – Hon Adebayo Tells Youths

Ahead of 2019 general elections, Hon. Samuel Olarenwaju Adebayo has urged Nigerain youths to be prepared to take the mantle of leadership.

He also advised youths not to fall for cheap politics as well as antics of politicians who dole out cash for votes during election.

Young Adebayo, who is aspiring for Kosofe Constituency 2 seat in the Lagos state House of Assembly, in a post forwarded to  BreezeReporters said, ”The game of politics is gradually shifting towards the youths but unfortunately the way some of  the youths are acting make them look as if they are not prepare to take over the baton of politics gradually being exchanged to them.

”This is evident in the quest for material things and immediate satisfaction.Some often than not prefer to follow politicians who by standards and objectives are ready to build infrastructures in their bellies or what they called “stomach infrastructure” today,at the expense of qualitative and evenly distributed dividends. Hence, what they stand to enjoy for a lifelong time is short changed for just few minutes appetisers, he said.

Adebayo said, ”Dividends of democracy is never personified in bags of rice or recharge cards and all sorts of token.I have seen people sold their votes in the pasts in a particular locality for as much as an electric bulb per voter and meager cash!It makes me wonder how we seem to be going through modern slave trade.

”In the days of yores, our fore fathers were sold into slavery for an item as low as comb, mirror, portrait, lighter etc.If at this jet age, some still feel comfortable to cast their votes only for a candidate who gave them foodstuffs then such education,civilisation and reasoning is faulty.

Speaking on the 2019 elections, Adedayo expressed optimism that residents of Kosofe would not fall for cheap politics and stomach infrastructure.

”I personally believe that indigenes and inhabitants of Kosofe will not fall for this cheap politics.We have come a long way and have witnessed developments around us.We have learnt our lessons when it comes to being neglected inspite of the economic contributions we made on a daily basis.Kosofe deserve more than what we witnessed today in terms of developement compared to what we contribute in terms of revenues.

”A candidate who knows where the problems and the solutions lie should be voted for to take charge of presenting our problems to the necessary political authorities through qualitative representation,and responsive solutions.

”We can’t afford to make the same mistakes over and over again, that is why, by the special grace of God almighty, I have come to make that difference we have been expecting all years long, Hon. Adebayo said.

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  • Every youth need to fully understand the truth been told here else we may end up mortgaging our glorious future and that of the nation.