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Loneliness Sucks: Need A Bae or Boo? Get In Here

“There’s a man for every woman o…
There’s a woman for every man o…
Sebi naso naso dem talk o…
Nibo ni temi wa ooo…”
    – Adekunle Gold in the song “Ready”
Well, well, well, we weren’t created to be alone, hence we wouldn’t exist in different s3xes, would we now?
Each s3x has a role to play in the life of the other s3x, companionship topping the roles.
Getting a good, compatible soul mate is another thing thing too; but everyone prays for a good life partner. When you channel your thoughts or mind towards good things, good things will come your way because you’ve been positive about it.
You are what you attract…
But the first hurdle has to be surpassed, the first step taken.
If you’re single and feeling oh so very lonely, you need to seek and find that which you so yearn for.
Here, at, we love helping you to reach out and connect with your ‘would be’ partner for life.
We wish to see you get out of the “lone-zone” and get joined with your heartthrob.
We want to see you happily in love.
So you’re riding solo? Reach out to us. Send a short BIO of yourself to
Do include your contact detail(s), age, what you do for a living and what makes you unique too!
You’re “Ready”, you need a bae. You need a boo.

Edith Akpan

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